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Phone : 26 38 37 20

our team

Dr Marion Regin - Dentist

Graduated from the University of Strasbourg-France

« Primum non nocere - first, do not harm. The dental tissues preservation and respect for the dental organ are for me the basis of my profession. Guided by these values I naturally trained in adhesive and minimally invasive dentistry, in order to offer my patients modern, aesthetic and minimally invasive treatments. »


  • AFCN/FANC certificate for the use of cone beam CT - Catholic University of Louvin
  • Implantology qualification - SAPO-Implants PARIS
  • Assistant teacher in University Hospital from 2016 to 2019 - Charles Foix hospital, Ivry sur Seine
  • Adhesive and cosmetic dentistry qualification - Groupe Raphaël Formation (GRF)
  • Periodontology qualification - Academy of Periodontology - Aix en Provence


  • Conference - teeth whitening : Alpha Omega Paris - January 2019
  • 45th « entretiens de Garancière » - September 2019
  • Webinaires de l’URB2i - June 2019


Dr Audrey Hinkels - Dentist

Graduated from the University of Nancy-France

« The evolution of techniques and materials make possible treatments that are ever more respectful of your teeth and gums, to protect and strengthen them for the long term.
This aspect of my job, which involves training me professionally and constantly questioning my practice, makes it truly fascinating.
I am also aware of the apprehension that our patients may feel. This is why it is important for me to do everything possible to ensure that dental care is carried out in complete confidence. »


  • AFCN/FANC certificate for the use of cone beam CT - Catholic University of Louvin
  • Graduate Certificate in Periodontology - Paris Descartes
  • Adhesive and cosmetic dentistry qualification - Groupe Raphaël Formation (GRF)

Dr Mathieu Cipolat - Dentist

Graduated from the University of Nancy-France

The interactivity with each patient is highly important, this is what allows individualized care adapted to each situation.
I am passionate about minimally invasive and aesthetic dentistry, and I feel great satisfaction in offering innovative treatments in this area of expertise.


  • AFCN/FANC certificate for the use of cone beam CT - Catholic University of Louvin
  • Occlusion Driven Aesthetic Certification - GAD center
Danielle - Dental assistant

Danielle - Dental assistant

« My priority is the well-being of the patient. Make people smile with little attentions and little things. »

Danielle is Dr. Regin's assistant, she will use her experience and gentleness to help the doctor and provide quality care.


  • CNQAOS, dental assistant school - Nancy
  • 14 years of experience as an orthodontic assistant
  • 9 years of experience as a dental assistant
Virginie - Dental assistant

Virginie - Dental assistant

« Creating a serene atmosphere during treatment sessions is my main objective. To achieve this, 3 key words: anticipation, organization and communication. »

Virginie is Dr Hinkels' assistant, she will welcome you with smile and cheerfulness and she will use her experience at your service.


  • CNQAOS, dental assistant school - Metz
  • 23 years of experience as a dental assistant
Yakout - Dental assistant

Yakout - Dental assistant

« Concerned about the well-being of our patients, I use my professional knowledge and human qualities for the benefit of all of them. »

Yakout is Dr Cipolat's assistant, her professionalism and attentiveness will create a pleasant atmosphere, conducive to quality care.


  • Dental assistant training Initiativ Rëm Schaffen - Luxembourg
Sophie - Medical secretary

Sophie - Medical secretary

« Listening, giving confidence to patients, children or adults, showing altruism but also enjoying working as a team, are the key words of my daily work. »

With great interpersonal skills, Sophie will welcome you to the dental practice, in French, Italian and English. She will be your contact to plan your appointments and will be the link between you and your healthcare team.

the dental practice

Cabinet médico-dentaire des Oliviers - Entrance / Reception Cabinet médico-dentaire des Oliviers - Medical rooms
Cabinet médico-dentaire des Oliviers - Waiting area
Cabinet médico-dentaire des Oliviers - Medical rooms Cabinet médico-dentaire des Oliviers - Main corridor
Cabinet médico-dentaire des Oliviers - 3D X-ray
Cabinet médico-dentaire des Oliviers - Outside view
Cabinet médico-dentaire des Oliviers - Outside view

Mindful that the dental office can be synonymous with anxiety, we do our best to welcome you in a calm and warm place. Our team will be at your disposal and will ensure your comfort.

our treatments


Branche d'olivier

Periodontology includes all the care of the peripheral tissues of the tooth (bone, ligament, gum). The purpose of this treatment is to sanitize the environment of the tooth, improve its attachment and ensure its stability within the surrounding tissues.

Preservative treatments

Branche d'olivier

Preservative treatments includes care of cavities, dental fractures, replacement of defective amalgams, treatment of dental wear as well as treatment of tooth stains (eg: tooth whitening, erosion-infiltration).


Branche d'olivier

Dental prosthesis includes a vast therapeutic panel.
Crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, veneers, inlays, onlays, overlays, to name a few, aim to repair one or more severely damaged teeth or to replace one or more missing teeth.


Branche d'olivier

The endodont is the central part of the tooth that contains the nerve or pulp of the tooth. Pulp vitality conservation treatment will always be implemented as a priority. When it is not possible, endodontic treatment will be carried out in an aseptic environment favorable to therapeutic success.

Cosmetic treatments

Branche d'olivier

A smile rehabilitation is a medical treatment, thereby it have to respect a therapeutic gradient and must not be done at the expense of the tissues and the health of the dental organ. It is fundamental to master all the treatments mentioned above and to use them wisely, in order to find a balance between aesthetic satisfaction and respect for the natural structure. The preoperative analysis (pictures, dental impressions, mock-up) ensures the respect for this balance and the therapeutic success.


Branche d'olivier

Dental implants are artificial roots, incorporated into the jaw to replace one or more missing teeth. The implants are made of titanium and are conventionally covered with a ceramic crown.
These two materials as well as the techniques used, present significant clinical experience and have proven their biocompatibility and their effectiveness from all points of view.
The implants placed in our practice are Straumann ® brand, a leading brand in the implantology market, a guarantee of quality.

3D radiography

Branche d'olivier

Dr Regin and Dr Hinkels have completed the CBCT training, accredited by the AFCN and by the Luxembourg Ministry of Health, which allows us to practice 3D radiodiagnosis in our practice.
This technology makes it possible to refine diagnoses when conventional 2D radiology is not enough. It also helps guide implant surgeries, ensuring optimal implant positioning.

Pediatric dentistry

Branche d'olivier

Consultation, prevention and dental care for children. In our practice we favor communication, in order to establish a trust relationship with children and to treat them in a calm atmosphere.

our philosophy

Tissues preservation

Based on scientific data and on our knowledge of biomaterials, we will offer you advanced treatments that respect your biological tissues (enamel, dentin, pulp, gums).

Comfort and comprehensive care

Aware that a dental consultation can be stressful, we do our best to welcome you in a calm, comforting and relaxing atmosphere. In addition, listen to you and explain you our treatments, will be our priority.


Preserving your teeth is a basis of our profession. To do so, we make every effort to early detect and diagnose any lesions, in particular through the use of optical aids, and 2D and 3D radiography. We encourage you to respect a follow-up schedule adapted to your needs.

Hygiene and observance of protocols

In order to provide you quality care in a safe environment, we apply strict aseptic protocols. Our trained and qualified assistants manage these protocols.


Aware that technologies and materials evolve quickly, Dr Regin has surrounded herself with dental technicians who are keen to always be at the forefront of knowledge. Dr Regin’s partner laboratories are located in Luxembourg (AGK dental, Dental Art).

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Cabinet médico-dentaire des Oliviers

332, rte de Longwy L-1940 Luxembourg | Merl

Phone : 26 38 37 20
E-mail : ul.sreiviloseddmc@ofni

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